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Helsinki has grown to be an international city in the recent years. I find it very important that our inhabitants and visitors, of all origins, thrive here. My aim is to promote openness, tolerance and empathy in our society. I have lived abroad for 10 years so I can relate to how it feels to be a foreigner.

I was elected to the Helsinki city council in the municipal elections in spring 2017 representing the National Coalition party. I consider myself liberal and I joined this party because I value their economic, foreign and security policies and entrepreneurial mindset.

The core of my election campaign was making Helsinki the best capital in the world. The key themes are functional day-to-day life, sustainable development and healthy economy. I would also like to have more services available in English in Helsinki in the future.

Please get in touch via e-mail, phone or social media if you have any questions or if you would like to join my team.

Short biography of Jenni Pajunen

- Born in 1980 in Helsinki, Finland.

-Member of the Helsinki city council from 2017. Member of the economic development sub-committee, deputy chairman of the culture sub-committee and deputy member of the city board.

- Working in the field of health technology and education, as a CEO of an export education company, Nordic   Institute of Dental Education

- Lived 10 years abroad in France, Belgium, Chile, Barbados, Angola and the United States. Worked in international development and election observation at the World Bank and the European Union between 2002-2013

- MSc in Economics and Business Administration from Aalto University and MA in European Political and Administrative studies from the College of Europe, Bruges, Belgium

- Speaks Finnish, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and basic Swedish

- Third generation city council member in my family

- Lives with her husband in the centre of Helsinki

 - Hobbies include the gym and yoga, reading, traveling, snowboarding and enjoying various cultural events

Voting in Finland

You can vote in Finland in the municipal elections  if you are 18 years or older and meet the following requirements:

- Finnish, EU or Nordic nationals: you are registered as resident a minimum of 51 days before the elections

- Other nationalities: you have been registered in Finland for over 2 years

- Staff at international organizations: same rule as for the first group but you will need to notify the Magistrate that you would like to exercise your rule to vote